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BULLWOOD OPENDAY - Fri 3rd & Sat 4th of September

Miracles do happen! And you can see the living proof, this weekend at the Bullwood Project official Grand Opening Celebration.

From the most humble of beginnings in the garage of our founder, Joe Kilmartin, where a few friends discovered the therapeutic benefits of wood turning and wood working, to a global enterprise based in the heart of urban Glasgow.

With wood saved from landfill we provide a refuge and communal environment for those on the margins of our society, through their varied life circumstances. Discovering and honing their practical and creative skills together, they have created a world wide demand for our unique and bespoke gallery of items.

Touch, smell and witness the resurrection of our woodland heritage from material growing and forming when St Andrews remains were brought to our shores. You will be enthralled and entranced by this process and the worldwide marketing opportunities now opening to us.

Enjoy our guided tour and hospitality, network with our many friends and benefactors and share in the miracle that is the Bullwood Project as we prepare to spread our wings.