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Part of the recycling plan is to maintain and operate a woodworking machine shop to utilise the timber for a range of Bullwood branded goods.

The charity itself is not allowed to trade. It does, however, own a trading company, Bullwood Limited which donates all surplus funds to the charity.

The Directors and Trustees of the charity and of the Limited Company receive no remuneration but do receive out-of-pocket expenses.

We own a Logosol and a Woodmizer sawmill. This enables us to mill trees brought to our premises or on site. Various members have received training in the use and maintenance of chain saws and the sawmills.

Our membership is growing and the expertise of our members grows at the same pace.

Through our trading company, Bullwood Limited, we are developing a machining workshop where we plan to manufacture a range of Bullwood branded products. We plan to offer training to people in woodworking skills. So, why not get involved?

A personal journey by the founder of the project, Joe Kilmartin

Originally the project was called the Bullwood Woodturning and Woodworking Project. If I am honest it came into being almost on its own, just a sequence of events really, with what I consider to be a good outcome in the end.

After having worked all my life I was hit by a long-term illness. I won't bore you with the details but I found that I had far too much time on my hands. I tried the shopping with my wife bit and like most men this did nothing for me at all. I tried going to night school to retrain and found I could not do this either due to my illness.

Browsing through a magazine one day I came across a woodturning section. Thinking back to my school days I figured that maybe I could have a go. Having put together all the bits of equipment I would need I started to look for timber to work on. I ended up at Fairlie Sawmill.